The Jetpack Plugin is Junk

The Jetpack plugin is a pile of Sh*t! I’ve never recommended the plugin, and I’ve always told people to remove it as it’s bloat and will slow down your website. Go check out their 1-star reviews here.

From experience, it has an over reactive brute force protection feature, every time I go login to a WordPress site with this garbage of a plugin installed (even when the user/password credentials are correct) it always 100% locks me out. Every time!


  1. Slows down your website
  2. You don’t need many of its features.
  3. Feels like adware, keeps pitching their services.
  4. (Like mentioned) it never lets me log in to the site, once brute force protection is enabled.

Making me pissed off, just writing about it…. Let’s continue.

  • It adds a lot of code to your website, it really will hog your CPU. Then you will be blaming your web host, thinking it’s their cheap servers. Most likely, it’s this plugin.
  • Feels like an advertising board (Adware) it’s constantly trying to promote their commercial services.
  • I believe it logs information from your site, they may call it market research to improve the plugin.

How to remove this junk?

  1. Login to your WordPress site.
  2. Go to plugins, deactivate and delete.
  3. Not necessary, but clean out your database, it has some entries in the wp_options table and also elsewhere depending on what features you had enabled.

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2 Responses

  1. I agree; I built a site for a friend, who then installed Jetpack. They asked me to fix it when they complained about being locked out. So I began looking into it and discovered it was Jetpack; I uninstalled it and the problem disappeared. Never was a fan of it, definitely wont be using it or recommending it.

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