Smush Image Optimisation

Smush is a potent WordPress plugin made to assist you in compressing and optimising your photos without compromising quality. Image optimisation is crucial whether you’re running a personal blog or overseeing an eCommerce site to make sure your website loads quickly and doesn’t impede the browsing experience of your users.

Smush is, first and foremost, exceedingly simple to use. Immediately after installing and activating the plugin, you may begin optimising your photographs. A robust picture scaling feature in the plugin allows you to resize your photographs to the ideal size for your website.


The capability of Smush to instantly optimise photos on the fly is one of its unique features. This means that Smush will automatically resize and compress the photos to ensure that they load quickly without compromising quality when a visitor lands on your page.

Other helpful features included in Smush include lazy loading, which makes sure that photos are only loaded when they are required. This can help your website run more efficiently and smaller overall. The plugin also has a bulk smush feature that enables you to quickly optimise all of your current photos.

In terms of pricing, Smush offers a range of plans to suit different needs. The free plan includes basic image optimization features, while the Pro plan offers advanced features such as WebP compression, backup and restore, and automated image resizing.

Smush is a fantastic WordPress plugin that may help you optimise your photos and enhance the functionality of your website. It’s definitely worth looking into because to its simple UI, potent optimisation features, and reasonable pricing. Smush can assist you in developing a quicker, more user-friendly website, whether you’re a web developer, small business owner, or blogger.

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