Create A LOGOUT link without WP-nonce confirmation

By default, WordPress provides a standard logout link, which includes WP-nonce logout confirmation for added security. However, there are scenarios where website owners may wish to customize the process for a smoother user experience.

What's happening?

  • When you create a logout link to;
  • But when your site members or users click the logout link or button, it asks for a confirmation that they wish to logout of the website. A bit Annoying, right?

What can we do?

It’s simple.

  1. Login to your FTP client or File manager in cPanel.
  2. Paste this snippet into your active theme’s functions.php and make sure to replace with your own domain on line 8.
					add_action('check_admin_referer', 'logout_without_confirm', 10, 2);
function logout_without_confirm($action, $result)
     * Allow logout without confirmation
    if ($action == "log-out" && !isset($_GET['_wpnonce'])) {
        $redirect_to = isset($_REQUEST['redirect_to']) ? $_REQUEST['redirect_to'] : '';
        $location = str_replace('&', '&', wp_logout_url($redirect_to));
        header("Location: $location");

You may now construct your own user logout link and place it wherever you like! Example, in your menu, or anywhere in your page content as a hyperlink or a button.

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