Troubleshooting JavaScript Errors In Elementor

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder, JavaScript failures are a major stumbling hurdle for Elementor users. These issues can occur as a result of plugin incompatibilities or incorrect code, leading Elementor to malfunction.

This blog article will go into the area of troubleshooting JavaScript problems in Elementor, providing methods to assist you in identifying and resolving these difficulties.

Understanding JavaScript Errors

JavaScript errors can manifest in different ways, from elements not loading properly to broken functionalities within Elementor. These errors typically occur due to conflicts with other plugins or custom code that does not align with Elementor’s requirements.

When such conflicts arise, the JavaScript code can break, leading to unexpected behaviors or complete failure of Elementor’s features.


This is an example of a javascript error.

Tackling JavaScript Errors

To tackle JavaScript errors effectively, it’s crucial to have a systematic approach. The following steps will guide you through the troubleshooting process:

  • Disabling Conflicting Plugins and Switching Themes

    One of the primary causes of JavaScript errors in Elementor is conflicts with other plugins. To determine if a plugin is causing the issue, start by temporarily deactivating all plugins except Elementor.

    Then, switch to a default theme like Twenty Twenty-Three. This action helps isolate any conflicts and allows you to identify the problematic plugin or theme.

    Once you have disabled all plugins and switched to the default theme, test Elementor’s functionality. If the JavaScript error disappears, you can conclude that one of the plugins or the theme was causing the issue.

    To pinpoint the culprit, reactivate each plugin and test Elementor after enabling each one. Repeat the process until the error resurfaces, helping you identify the problematic plugin or theme.

  • Resolving Conflict with Plugins and Custom Code

    Upon identifying the conflicting plugin or theme, there are several steps you can take to resolve the JavaScript error:

  1. Update Plugins and Theme: Ensure that all your plugins and the theme itself are up to date. Developers frequently release updates that address compatibility issues and bug fixes. Updating your plugins and theme may resolve the JavaScript error.

  2. Contact the Plugin or Theme Developer: If updating the plugin or theme does not resolve the issue, reach out to the respective developer’s support team. Describe the problem, mentioning the conflict with Elementor and any error messages received. The developer can provide guidance or release a patch to fix the conflict.

  3. Check for JavaScript Errors in Browser Console: Browsers provide a console where JavaScript errors are logged. Open the browser’s developer tools, navigate to the console, and check for any error messages related to Elementor or the conflicting plugin. These error messages can provide valuable insights into the root cause of the JavaScript error.

  4. Review Custom Code: If you have added custom code snippets or scripts to your website, ensure they are compatible with Elementor and do not conflict with its functionality. Improperly coded customizations can cause JavaScript errors.

    Temporarily remove or comment out any custom code to see if the error persists. If the error disappears, review the code for any errors or conflicts and make necessary adjustments.


JavaScript faults can impair Elementor’s smooth operation, but with a methodical troubleshooting approach, these issues can be properly fixed. You may find and fix JavaScript issues in Elementor by removing conflicting plugins, switching themes, upgrading plugins and themes, contacting developers, and evaluating custom code.

Remember to keep track of the actions you take when troubleshooting, as this might help you resolve future issues or communicate with support personnel. With these debugging solutions at your disposal, you may fully use Elementor and develop aesthetically appealing websites without the impediment of JavaScript issues.

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