How to set up POST SMTP?

It’s a strong tool for anyone who needs to send email from their WordPress website and wants to assure dependable and safe delivery. POST SMTP is a well-liked and highly-rated plugin. You can read more about this plugin here. If not, keep reading to learn how to install and configure POST SMTP.


  1. To set up the POST SMTP plugin, follow these steps:
  2. The POST SMTP plugin should be installed and activated in your WordPress dashboard.

  3. Choose the POST SMTP option under the Settings tab.

  4. Click “Start Wizard” from the menu.

  5. Choose the email service provider you want to use. Several providers are supported by POST SMTP, including Google, SendGrid, Mailgun, and Amazon SES.

  6. Enter your chosen provider’s API key or login information. Depending on the service you select, this information may vary.

  7. Configure your email server’s settings. The server hostname, port number, and SSL/TLS encryption parameters must be entered. You can typically locate these settings in the documentation provided by your email provider if you’re unsure of what they are.
    • Type: Outgoing SMTP
    • Hostname:
    • Port: 587
    • Cryptography: STARTTLS
    • Authentication: Your password and email

Set up email delivery testing. This allows you to test if your email settings are working correctly by sending a test email to an address of your choice. Then click on the Save Settings button.


These actions should set up POST SMTP and make it accessible for usage when sending emails from your WordPress website. To further tailor the settings to your requirements, you can create email logs or add unique headers to your emails.

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