How To Fix WordPress Post Edit Errors

You getting a post edit error and can’t save modifications to your post? I have these error message remedies for you:

  • “The update failed. Invalid in JSON format.”
  • “Publishing failed and invalid JSON response”
  • “Seems like there’s a problem. Give it a few seconds.”

Fix Post Edit Errors

Verify the address of the website:

  • Select Dashboard > Preferences > General.
  • Verify that the site address (URL) and the WordPress address (URL) match.

Verify the HTTPS connection:

  • Verify that SSL certificates have been generated and that there are no problems with mixed content.

Check your permalinks:

  • Navigate to Settings > Permalinks in Dashboard.
  • Press SAVE twice.

Regenerate the .htaccess file :

  • A backup can be used for restoration.
  • Or use the default to create a new one. (After that, go save permalinks once more.)

Is your htaccess file writeable?

Turn off the WAF firewalls:

  • This might be a security plugin.
  • Your web server, like mod_security.
  • CloudFlare Firewall.

Hope this helps, if in doubt contact your web hosting provider for support.

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