Boost your WordPress performance with Perfmatters

Perfmatters is a performance enhancement plugin designed exclusively for WordPress websites. This plugin was created with the goal of providing a simplified user experience by minimising needless HTTP calls, lowering database queries, and optimising code. Perfmatters, unlike other bulkier plugins, takes pride in being lightweight, efficient, and simple to use.

Optimise Your Website

Website performance is critical in the competitive world of online content for user experience and search engine results. Slow-loading websites can result in significant bounce rates and eventual consumer loss. WordPress users can utilise Perfmatters, a lightweight performance plugin developed to optimise their websites and increase overall speed, to remedy this issue.

What's the Key Features of Perfmatters?

  1. Script Manager: With perfmatters, you can easily control the loading of JavaScript and CSS files on your WordPress website. You can selectively disable scripts and styles on specific pages, preventing unnecessary code execution and reducing the overall size of your web pages.

  2. Database Optimization: The plugin provides an intuitive interface to manage your WordPress database. You can clean up unwanted data, such as post revisions, auto-drafts, and spam comments, optimizing your database and improving overall site performance.

  3. Lazy Loading: perfmatters incorporates lazy loading functionality, ensuring that images and videos are loaded only when they become visible to the user. This technique significantly reduces the initial page load time and enhances the overall user experience.

  4. DNS Prefetching: By preloading DNS requests for external domains, perfmatters minimizes the latency associated with DNS lookups. This results in faster page loading times, especially for sites that rely on external resources such as fonts, scripts, or APIs.

  5. Heartbeat Control: WordPress uses a “heartbeat” API to manage real-time communication between the browser and the server. With perfmatters, you can adjust the heartbeat frequency or completely disable it, reducing server load and improving overall performance.

How Much?


Pricing checked and correct as of June 2023.

Perfmatters provides numerous significant advantages for improving the performance of your WordPress website. For starters, its small weight guarantees that your web pages load quickly, lowering bounce rates and increasing user engagement. Furthermore, technologies like as slow loading and script optimisation prioritise vital material while reducing needless delays, resulting in a better user experience.

Furthermore, by optimising your site’s performance using perfmatters, you gain an SEO edge, as website speed is an important component in search engine results. Increased exposure and organic traffic can arise from higher ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs). Finally, perfmatters minimises the amount of queries sent to your server, lowering resource utilisation and potentially lowering hosting costs.

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